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I had the most beautiful session with Katie. It was my first time doing anything like this but she allowed me to feel so comfortable.

From the very moment I said I was ready to begin, I felt the energy in my lower back and excitedly absorbed all the good feelings as I felt it rise. My body felt the best it had in weeks after this and I had the deepest sleep afterwards. She also spoke with my spirit guides and it was so magical to hear what they wanted to share with me. 

It was amazing having Katie hold space for me and being such a light worker. I strongly suggest booking a session with her! She is so intentional and genuine.


I have had two sessions with Katie to focus on my peripheral neuropathy. It causes pain in feet and ankles, weakens them, and hinders balance. After the first session I felt some relief but it didn’t last. That’s okay because this is a 15 year old issue.

After today’s session I was able to stand on uneven ground and take a photo up into a tall tree. I would have been unable to do that yesterday because of balance. I am now working on what was going on when this issue first arose, doing healing meditations, and trying to listen to my healing guides. We plan a few more sessions.

I am impressed with Katie’s gift, skill, sensitivity, genuineness, and ability to communicate.


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