Are There Kundalini Reiki Symbols?

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“Are there Kundalini Reiki Symbols?” – I often get asked this question by first time students and people interested in learning more about energy healing. To put it simply, no, Kundalini Reiki does not utilize any symbols. But I’d also like to give you, as a reader, a background understanding of the Reiki Symbols so you can better understand what they are used for and how they came to be.

Background on Reiki Symbols

Essentially, a Reiki symbol is similar to a sigil. It’s a shape or form that holds a specific frequency of energy and is utilized for healing specific things. Continue reading below to learn more about where Reiki symbols originate, how they’re utilized, and what they help to heal. If you want to learn more about the differences between Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki, click here.

cho ku rei symbol
The Cho Ku Rei Usui Reiki Symbol from Tina Zion’s book, “The Reiki Teacher’s Manual”

What are the Symbols?

Where do the Reiki Symbols Originate?

Reiki symbols are typically utilized in Usui Reiki (traditional Japanese reiki). You’ll find them utilized in different variations of the Usui Reiki lineage. In traditional Japanese reiki, there are four symbols: Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Kei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and Dai Ko Myo. There are additional symbols that are often used in other forms of Reiki (like Karuna Reiki), but are not traditionally linked to Japanese Reiki.

There are a few different stories or ideas about how these symbols originated. You’ll often hear a story about Mikao Usui meditating on a mountain for 21 days, then receiving a flash of insight and energy, and then saw these symbols in his mind. Other people theorize that the symbols were likely created/taken from Zen Buddhism, as they are not completely exclusive to Usui Reiki. The reiki master symbol (Dai Ko Myo) is in fact, directly taken from Zen Buddhism. However, it is also obvious that there are some Sanskrit influences in these symbols – probably because of the exchange of culture, religion, philosophy and ideas that occurred between South Asia, China, and Japan. A fact I often like to point out to my students is that the Cho Ku Rei (as seen above) coils 3.5 times around the initial downward stroke – similar to the way that Kundalini energy is said to coil 3.5 times around the base of the spine.

What are Reiki Symbols Used For?

Different symbols have different meanings and different things they are utilized for.

The Cho Ku Rei is considered the power symbol – utilized to increase the power of the energy you are channeling. It’s often used for injuries, clearing stagnant or dense energy in a person, object, or location, and essentially, giving a “boost” to anything that needs it. Typically, it is used for physical healing/clearing.

The Se Hei Ki is considered the harmony symbol – utilized to bring in harmony, balance, emotional healing, and to help with mental states & memory. It is most often used for mental/emotional healing.

The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is considered the distance healing symbol – utilized to conduct healing through time and space. It’s typically used to help heal old past wounds or to send healing energy to upcoming planned events. It is most often utilized for spiritual/metaphysical healing.

The Dai Ko Myo is considered the master symbol – utilized to empower the individual and bring in healing for the metaphysical body. It is said to aid in the process of spiritual enlightenment. It can also be used to charge crystals or other objects with energy.

How do People Use Them in Practice?

Practitioners may draw the symbol on someone’s physical form with their finger or palm, recite the name/sound of the symbol, imagine the symbols sinking into a person’s body or surrounding them, draw the symbols on a piece of paper and place them in a room or under a piece of furniture (like their massage table), or draw the symbols over a photograph of the person they are sending healing to distantly. These are just a few physical examples. Practitioners will use the symbols for all different kinds of healing/energy work in their day to day life for self healing, clearing of energy, and in sessions with others.

Are There Kundalini Reiki Symbols?

Does the Practice of Kundalini Reiki Utilize Symbols?

No – there are no Kundalini Reiki symbols. When Ole Gabrielsen created this healing modality, he wanted to make it as simple to learn and teach as possible. His methods are very intuitive and do not utilize any symbols, special hand placements, or other structures that you often find in other methods of energy healing/in Japanese Reiki.

Want to try a Kundalini Reiki Healing Session?

Book with Me

Visit my booking page to schedule a Kundalini Reiki Healing Session with me. Energy healing is great for a lot of things, but Kundalini Reiki specifically is great for people who:

  • Need help navigating rising Kundalini energy.
  • Want to work on strengthening their relationships or releasing old bonds/connections (Karmic Band Healing).
  • Are going through a move and need help acclimating to a new location (Location Reiki)
  • Have traumatic memories at a specific location they are trying to release (Situational Healing & Location Reiki)
  • Have a particular situation or characteristic they would like help with (Situational Healing)
  • Have genetic characteristics or traits they’d like to shift or change (DNA Healing)
  • Had a traumatic birth (Birth Trauma Reiki)
  • Have memories of a past life that plague them (Past Life Healing)
  • And a lot more!

Are You Interested in Learning How to Practice Kundalini Reiki Online with Me?

If, after reading, you’ve decided you’d like to learn online with a teacher like me, definitely check out my courses at the link below! I teach group courses that take place over 6-9 weeks (depending on the training) that meet weekly over Zoom. I also teach 1:1 and in that case, the structure and schedule can be flexible. Although I attune and teach Kundalini Reiki, my primary focus is on helping you develop your intuition so you can do intuitive energy healing – outside of any structure and specific way of working. I firmly believe that working intuitively allows you to be a more efficient healer. My classes are extremely thorough and I offer ongoing support after class.


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