Virtual Circles – Community Calls

Monthly Zoom Calls to Connect with Other Spiritually Minded Folx

Virtual Circles – Community Calls

If you often find yourself wishing you had other spiritually-minded folx to connect to and sit in community with, this is your opportunity! These calls are for healers of all kinds, empaths, highly sensitive people, meditators, and people on their spiritual healing journeys. Folx of all identities are welcome on these calls. 

Cost: $5 (60% of the proceeds will be donated to Sanctuary in the City)

More Info:

These monthly community calls will be conducted over Zoom. My goal is to help spiritually minded folx of all backgrounds across the globe to come together in community for support, connection, and to build a deeper understanding of how we can be our truest selves and bring healing to the world at large.

I have so many students and clients who often feel alone on their spiritual path. They find it hard to connect (especially during the pandemic) with and find other like minded people in their social circles. Sometimes they feel like the “weird” one in the family or social group, or tend to withhold parts of themselves for fear of being rejected. This often leads to feeling like an outsider, and feeling lonely. If this sounds familiar (trust me, I’ve been there!) Then this is a great call for you to join.

Each call will consist of guided meditation, individual introductions, and then guided discussion. The guided discussions will consist of crowd sourced topics and questions. Each call will be approximately 60-90 minutes.

Virtual Circles – Community Calls Guidelines:

When entering the call, make sure your name & pronouns are listed, and that you are muted (this can be changed within Zoom). One person speaks at a time. All community members on the call agree to being considerate of others. A sense of safety (especially for members of color) is a top priority. Discussions must be respectful and honor that we all come from different walks of life. Honor and hear what your fellow community members are saying, and wait until they are finished to speak. If a member makes you feel uncomfortable, please let me know as soon as possible. Racism, sexism, and homophobia will not be tolerated.


Have drinks and snacks handy, and create a comfortable space for yourself conducive to relaxing and connecting. Light candles, get cozy on a bed, couch, the floor, a chair – whatever is most comfortable for you.

Are you registered? How to send in topics/questions:

Once registered, if you have a discussion topic or question, please e-mail it to or DM me on Instagram (@katiemmitt). It can be a question like, “Does anyone else experience, XYZ?” or something like, “I’d really like to talk more about connecting to my spirit guides,” or “I want to know how other people set up their altars,” or “I run a business and do this, but i’m curious how others do it,” or it could just be a statement or topic like, “I’m feeling very alone and don’t have any friends who are interested in energy work,” etc. These topics and questions will then become a part of the guided group discussion. Additional topics and questions can also be sent during the time of the call in the chat function of Zoom.


No Current Dates Scheduled – Check back soon!


Cost to Join: $5

Your payment can be made by clicking either of the buttons below. 60% of the cost will be donated to Sanctuary in the City.
When paying, please leave your most checked e-mail address, and the date you are registering for. You will receive an e-mail link to register on Zoom for the call.

Pay Via Venmo

Pay via PayPal


Please pay at the links above (Venmo is @KatieEmmitt). You MUST provide your preferred e-mail address and date of the call in the notes section of your payment, or send an e-mail to

Once I have your payment and e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to register for that particular Zoom call. Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an e-mail with a link and instructions on how to join the Zoom call. Any time before the call date, you are welcome to send in your topics & questions (as listed above under “How to Send in Topics/Questions:“). On the day and time of the call, you will navigate to the e-mail you received, click on the link, and open the call in Zoom. Zoom can be downloaded as an app, or used in your browser.

Soon I will be taking registrations & payment directly on this website! Stay Tuned. Please e-mail me ( or DM me on Instagram if you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries about the Online Virtual Circle Events.