release & flow

a womb and pelvic energetic clearing online event/workshop

release & flow is for women who:

want to learn how to clear and move energy in their pelvis

want to deepen their relationship and intuitive communication with their body

struggle with a sense of pelvic stagnation, tightness, tension, painful periods, bloating, hypertonic pelvic muscles, and who have a history of sexual abuse or trauma

have struggled with abandoning or overriding their bodies needs 

More Info:

In the past, I have seen “womb clearing” events and women’s circles where the focus always seems to be on “clearing the energy of our old partners and past experiences.” That kind of thing sounds catchy and great, right? It reels you in. It’s nice to think that all you need to do is energetically cut cords and release old energies and then you’ll be “healed.” It’s also nice to think that everything that is “wrong” with you is related to someone else’s energy that somehow is still residing in your system.

However, in reality, this is not actually what’s needed, what’s useful, or what can actually bring us true healing.

release & flow is different.

My aim with this container is to help you intuitively connect with your body. To learn to communicate with her, and to learn to honor her and her needs.

The releases and clearing will flow as the connection, trust, and communication builds. 

Our primary focus for release & flow is to learn how to connect to our entire pelvis (not just the organs that reside there, but also the muscles, connective tissue, erectile tissue, etc) on a deeper intuitive level, learn to communicate with her, and learn how to – intuitively – move the energy with somatic practices. We want to take responsibility, show up for her, prioritize her, and work with our body on an energetic, emotional, and physical level.

During this event, I will be teaching, we will be doing several guided meditations and exercises, there will be a very soft and gentle energetic attunement that I will be transmitting, and we will have ample time at the end for group digestion, discussion, and for me to help those who need more assistance. I am not putting a time limit on this, I want to make sure that we can take as much time as we all need, but I imagine that it will be around 3 hours.


Create a comfortable space for yourself to deeply relax during our event. This might be in bed, on the couch, outdoors, on the floor, etc. I encourage you to bring into your space lots of soft comforting objects (blankets, pillows, etc.) If you feel called, set up an altar or sacred space for yourself. I trust in the wisdom of your intuition – listen to it. Ask yourself how you need to prepare for this (if at all). If you like, you may wish to have tea or a drink with you and snacks (definitely bring water).

I also recommend setting aside the day for this, so you do not have any plans that might interfere and you can indulge fully. See if you are able to forego any/all responsibilities for the day and create a quiet, serene space for yourself where you will not be interrupted.

I also recommend wearing loose comfortable cotton/natural fiber clothing you can easily move around in.

Things to Note:

release & flow will be recorded and you will receive an e-mail after the event with a Google Drive link to watch the replay. This will allow you to follow along with the guided journey and attunement whenever you please. Also note that this will not be available for purchase after the event, you must attend live and/or register ahead of time if you want to participate. No cancellations or refunds. You are encouraged to have your camera on so we can all connect to each others energy and commune together.

If you have had a hysterectomy, tubal litigation, or other surgeries or removals and you feel called to this, you may still attend as there will be much for you to discover within your pelvis energetically.

Those who identify as non-binary but have female reproductive organs and feel called to this are also welcome.


Event has passed – You can purchase the replay for $44 with the links below.


Price for the replay of release & flow: $44

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Once I have your payment and e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to our Zoom call. On the day and time of the call, you will navigate to the e-mail you received, click on the link, and open the call in Zoom. Zoom can be downloaded as an app, or used in your browser.

Please e-mail me ( or DM me on Instagram if you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries about release & flow.