Seven Days of Self Love

with Katie Emmitt, Kundalini Reiki Master & Spiritual Mentor

Do you struggle with loving yourself – mind, body, & soul?
Do you struggle with low self esteem? Or feelings of not being good enough?
Do you find yourself questioning how much you deserve love, respect, and kindness?
Do you have a history of abusive relationships (family, friends, or others?)
Do you participate in negative self talk or find yourself spiraling into negative thought patterns?

If any of these resonated with you, this 7 day course may be just what you need to overhaul those negative thought patterns & beliefs and to supercharge your self love & self care routine!

If you are dedicated to your healing journey and are looking to get the tools you need to change your mindset and overcome negative self talk, low self esteem, and negative thought patterns – this is for you. 

This course is open to all womxn of any background or age.

What’s Included in the 7 Day Course:

Access to a private Instagram page where you will find the following:

  • Two eye opening videos about the importance of using positive affirmations & expressing gratitude and how they can change the way you think!
  • Over 45 sample positive affirmations to help you get started & instructions on creating your own.
  • A 7 day guided affirmation & gratitude challenge to help you overhaul your life & change negative thought patterns.
  • Daily group support via the group chat.
  • Two life changing journal prompts that will encourage you to look deep inside of yourself.
  • Two guided meditations: A “Soul Retrieval” meditation & a “Higher Self” meditation.
  • A guided mirror gazing activity to help you get in touch with your true inner self.
  • 1:1 Guidance in the form of a private 60min intuitive distance healing session – scheduled at your convenience.
  • A live Q&A on IG Live to answer all of your questions at the end of the course.
  • Access to the content for 10 days.
  • A small group (no more than 15) of womxn, all dedicated to increasing their capacity for self love!

So, this is on Instagram?

     Yes! The beautiful thing about Instagram is that it’s a great way to get a group together for the duration of a week. Where each person who participates in the course can share their story (if they wish,) and get group support. Each day, I will have a new post uploaded giving you the daily activities and information. You can expect to see IGTV videos, series of informational slides, photos, an IG Live Q&A, and an abundance of other resources sent in the group chat. Our 1:1 session will also take place on instagram over DM or video chat – up to you based on your particular goals for the 1:1 session. At the end of the 10 day period, I will be removing each participant and the content/group chat/comments. You can trust that your information you share will stay the space of the course – it is very important to me to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone!

Seven Days of Self Love Online Course

  • No Upcoming Dates – Check Back Soon!


This workshop is offered on a sliding scale of $44-55 (Pay what you are able!)

  1. Send your payment via PayPal or by Venmo using the links below. In the notes section, you MUST leave your instagram handle.
  2. Request to follow sevendaysofselflove on instagram at the link below. Once I receive your payment & follow request, I’ll accept you to the private page where you will have access to some of the content immediately, as well as the group chat.

Soon I will be taking registrations & payment directly on this website! Stay Tuned. Please e-mail me ( if you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries about the Seven Days of Self Love course.


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I am so grateful for Katie for putting together this self love course. It really equips you with the right tools to set you in the right direction. She is patient, encouraging, knowledgable, and really gives time and space for questions and everyone’s personal situation. She is so genuine and gifted! I feel really grateful!


Do I have to have Instagram to participate?

Yes – at this time, you will need an instagram account in order to take the course. They are simple to set up if you don’t have one. Click here if you need help registering.

Why did you create this course? What’s your story?

My goal during this weeklong course is to be as real and vulnerable with you as I am asking you to be with yourself. Ready to get real?

Approximately 3.5 years ago, I was stuck in a major rut and unsure of how to heal. I was struggling with anxiety, paranoia, OCD tendencies, and depression. I was having 3-5 anxiety attacks per day. I was engaging in negative self talk constantly. I could do something as small as forget to unload the dishwasher or forget to start lunch at the “right” time so it was ready when my boyfriend got home from work on his lunch break. It could have been getting a order out a day late. I mean really, it could have been pretty much any situation anywhere I didn’t act “perfectly” up to my own insane standards, and I was down the rabbit hole of, “I’m so stupid. I’m such an idiot. Such a piece of crap. I hate myself. No wonder no one loves me. Why do I even have anyone in my life? I don’t deserve them. I can’t do anything right…” And I would go on and on and on until I was in tears and hyperventilating.

I would sit on the floor in a corner feeling sorry for myself and crying. Feeling like such a victim from the abusive relationship I had endured years prior. I was afraid to talk to people or leave my house for fear of being attacked or abused (PTSD from my past), and I was using hand sanitizer and washing my hands and showering constantly because I had convinced myself people were out to poison me (yes, I was that crazy!) I was even afraid to eat sometimes, or buy things from the grocery store. I was even afraid of my own loving boyfriend and family members. And I was drinking a lot, every single day, to drown out the anxiety. I was in a very, very dark place. 

It pains me to write all of that, but it fills me with a lot of pride and gratitude to know that I’ve been able to overcome that, and get to the best place I have ever been in my entire life – mentally and spiritually. It has taken many years of dedicated work, trying new things, and developing a support system and the tools to work through the trauma from my past, and it has been such a beautiful experience!

My goal this week is to help you break those bad habits, look inward, and start on that healing process. I’m going to share with you a lot of the tools that have been absolutely paramount in my own healing – especially the ones that helped me jump start and pull myself out of that rut.

Now here’s the thing – I can give you all the tools but you HAVE to commit to your own growth. Your life & perspective won’t just change by doing a few meditations and positive affirmations for a week. You have to dig deep. You have to be ready for change. You have to continue these practices long after our week together is over. These have to become new habits.

Are you ready to commit to yourself? Are you ready to commit to your own personal growth? Then let’s start working together!