Healing the Cord

An Energetic Relationship Healing & Clearing Workshop
with Katie Emmitt, Energy Healer, Mentor, & Psychic Advisor

Have you tried “cord cutting” from your previous relationships only to feel frustrated, depleted, or like it just didn’t work?

Would you like to learn how to energetically release old connections & strengthen new ones? 

Do you have old relationship “baggage” you’re ready to mindfully release?
Do you find yourself consistently feeling drained, stuck, or disempowered due to your relationships (past or current)? 

Would you like to learn how to read your own energy and the energy of your connections?

Do you understand that energy is just one aspect of healing? And that change happens when you work with energy and take action in your life?

Are you ready to be sober and clear in your relationships?

And finally, are you ready to feel empowered and step out of a victimized mindset when it comes to your connections (past and current)?

If you said yes to these – Healing the Cord is a course that is deeply in alignment with where you’re at currently, and I’d love to guide you on your path to releasing old connections, healing current ones, and creating a solid energetic foundation for welcoming in future connections.

If you are dedicated to your healing journey and are looking to get the tools you need to change your mindset and overcome old patterns, release old “baggage” and learn to energetically work on yourself and your relationships – I’d love to have you in this container.

What Do We Learn in the Workshop?

  • Importance of being a clear, unbiased channel and coming to this work from a place of emotional sobriety and love.
  • A discussion on the necessary and practical aspects of healing from old connections and healing/maintaining new ones like: open communication, honesty, boundaries, being your truest self, rethinking relationship structures and patterns, releasing a victim mindset, and doing your own internal work.
  • Energetic basics: Intuition development and reading energy, how energy can manifest in connections between two people, recognizing energetic patterns, calling in protection to preserve cultivated energy, and energy hygiene.
  • How to energetically release old patterns, “baggage”, & relationships.
  • How to energetically heal and strengthen current relationships.

So, what is “Healing the Cord” all about?

In every relationship and connection we have – no matter what the context is – we create an energetic bond or cord. These cords can have different qualities, connect to us in different areas of the body, and stay with us even when we are not currently interacting with that other person. These cords can clue us in to where we are storing old energy, how our relationships are manifesting, old patterns, etc. They can also hold energy and memories from past connections.

Over my years working as an energy healer, the most frequent work I did was on relationships. Sometimes it was helping to facilitate the release of old connections and energy. Sometimes it would be to help energetically strengthen a connection. Other times, it would just be to read the energy between two individuals to answer some questions and help a client get clear about what steps were needed to move forward.

During my Kundalini Reiki training, we learned a technique called “Karmic Band Healing.” That became one of my most useful tools in my metaphysical “toolbox”. I found it to work better than any cord cutting methods I had worked with previously. However over time, I found it limiting, and I began developing my own methods of working intuitively to help release old karmic bands, energy cords, energetic “baggage” (for lack of a better word), to strengthen connections, and bring healing to individuals struggling with relationships of all kinds (romantic, familial, or otherwise.)

Throughout my process of discovery, I also found healing in my own connections. I learned the things I needed to do to release old energies out of my life from abusive relationships (hint, its not all energetic!) and to have stronger, healthier connections going forward. In my past, I have struggled with codependency, weak boundaries, people pleasing, and anxious attachment. I am proud to say that while I am not perfect, a lot of the things I’ve learned have helped me to create much healthier relationships in my life and my relationship to myself is stronger than ever.

For all these reasons and more, I want to share with you what I’ve learned so you can experience all of these same wonderful shifts within yourself.

In this course, I aim to provide you with practical and energetic tools to help you release old connections and energies in a healthy way, strengthen existing connections, and how to read energy intuitively so you can use that wisdom to make better decisions for yourself in your relationships. If you’re ready for deep energetic empowered relational healing, I hope you’ll join me for this class.

Do I Need to be Reiki Trained to Take This?

No you do not! I firmly believe that we all have access to our intuition, and to working with energy. If this feels aligned for you and feels “right” as you read through this page and offering – it is likely to be in alignment for you and I would recommend signing up for it. Don’t let fears about not being “good enough” or “far enough along on your spiritual path” be a deterrent.

That being said, the content will probably be a little easier to digest and integrate for folks who are familiar with working with their intuition and are familiar with any amount of energetic work and energy reading. This does not mean you have to be a reiki practitioner or a psychic reader to take the workshop. It just means that some familiarity with these things will help you throughout. I will be specifically talking about intuition development, the basics of how to read energy, and how to transmute and adjust energy, but not at great length. If you want to feel more prepared, my self paced beginners intuition development course could be a great place to start and prepare, but it isn’t necessary.

If you have specific concerns, please feel free to e-mail me (katiemmitt@gmail.com) or reach out via IG DM (@itskatieemmitt) so we can discuss.

Healing the Cord: An Energetic Relationship Healing & Clearing Workshop Replay



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