I’m impressed with Katie’s gift, skill, sensitivity, genuineness, and ability to communicate. She is well worth it!


Katie’s ability to connect and share her wonderful energy with me during our distance reiki and healing sessions were nothing short of amazing. Katie always knows exactly what I need to do and hear to change my entire perspective and better myself. Her advice is always so direct and sincere. You can tell she truly puts all her energy into making me improve myself and she takes pride in the improvements that she sees in me. Her calming nature always transfers to me during our sessions and I feel like a weight is lifted off of me after each session.


I believe Katie greatly helped me on my path of trying to raise my vibration and let go of past influences/patterns that don’t serve my personal growth. Since my healing with Katie, I have made incredible strides in giving up old habits that are not benefiting me or my family. I feel great and I can see the positive effects that my efforts in letting go of negative patterns are having on my kids and my husband.

Heather S.

During my session with Katie I felt all kinds of energy sensations, saw lights and patterns similar to ones experienced in meditation, and was very relaxed. When she finished sending, she told me what she had focused on and what I had experienced was completely in sync with her intentions. The most impressive part was the healing of an old, recurring shoulder injury. I am grateful for her help and sensitivity and recommend her highly.

Nancy B.

I am so grateful to Katie for helping me. She sat with me, listened to my story and I felt safe and easy around her. Clearly she’s knowledgeable of what it takes to heal, and the advice she gave me really helped me to stay on track post-session. Besides her verbal advice, her guided reiki session helped me to do some serious chakra cleansing. It was no joke- definitely took some intensive concentration but Katie was there to guide along the way. I feel that the sessions I had with Katie have helped immensely in my healing journey.


I had the most beautiful session with Katie. It was my first time doing anything like this but she allowed me to feel so comfortable. From the very moment I said I was ready to begin, I felt the energy in my lower back and excitedly absorbed all the good feelings as I felt it rise. My body felt the best it had in weeks after this and I had the deepest sleep afterwards. She also spoke with my spirit guides and it was so magical to hear what they wanted to share with me. It was amazing having Katie hold space for me and being such a light worker. Strongly suggest booking a session with her. She is so intentional and genuine.


I’m a stage 4 prostate cancer patient. I’ve been fortunate, I was in a deep remission with no symptoms for over 5 years. Then my blood markers starting rising and it looked like the remission might be coming to an end. A small change in my treatment was made but it rarely causes the marker to return to non-detectable where mine had been. Indeed the marker went down but not enough for me. Before my last test I had a Reiki session with Katie. We tried to focus on strengthening my immune system to oppose any cancer cells and keep them dormant. The next test was non-detectable.

Please don’t think I’m saying Reiki can cure cancer. But I do believe the mind/body connection holds huge healing potential and I believe the Reiki helped my mind to help my body. I believe that enough to have booked three more sessions.


My reiki session with Katie was an incredible and eye opening experience for me. To be honest, I was not 100% sure what Reiki was or if it would even work. But I kept an open mind and heart in hopes of Reiki helping with my anxiety. It also helped that Katie made me feel at home and relaxed during the whole process.

She was able to help me meet my spirit guide Phillip, and teach me how to communicate with him. She also shared personal experiences with me from when she first found her spirit guide. She shared that it might feel a little awkward at first, but over time I’d learn how to utilize him to help ease my anxiety and fears.

Now I feel comfortable communicating with Phillip in my everyday life – I talk to him daily and while my anxiety is not totally gone, it has helped immensely. I would highly recommend using Katie for a reiki session!



My experience with Katie was amazing.

For years I suffered with Amplified Muscular Skeletal Pain Syndrome and after my very first session, all of my pain and ongoing symptoms seemed to vanish.

Katie is so nice and truly cares about the well-being of all of her clients. I feel so comfortable opening up to her about my stress and symptoms. She truly changed my life and helped me so much.


I just want to say thank you again for facilitating this healing and connection for me. I feel about 10 times lighter than before and the communication and messages from my guide are coming in so much clearer as well as my intuition about them. The way I feel now is so blissful and full of gratitude its almost unreal! 💖💖💖



I’m just in awe, that was beautiful. I could definitely feel a ton of energy on my abdomen, especially on my right side- really warm. And later, a lot of energy in my chest almost like I was floating or being pulled off the ground a little bit. I also noticed that my breathing got very deep, and my belly was able to fill deeper than it has in days. I’ve been doing some yoga recently and I just really felt a huge difference in my breath, kind of without me even focusing on it.

Thank you so much! That was really extraordinary. I really wasn’t sure what it would feel like but it was so powerful and clear! You rock lady! Thanks for all the magic you reveal in the world!

I have had two sessions with Katie to focus on my peripheral neuropathy. It causes pain in feet and ankles, weakens them, and hinders balance. After the first session I felt some relief but it didn’t last. That’s okay because this is a 15 year old issue. 

After today’s session I was able to stand on uneven ground and take a photo up into a tall tree. I would have been unable to do that yesterday because of balance. I am now working on what was going on when this issue first arose, doing healing meditations and trying to listen to my healing guides. We plan a few more sessions. 

I’m impressed with Katie’s gift, skill, sensitivity, genuineness and ability to communicate. She is well worth it!

I came across Katie on Instagram in search for Reiki. She had posted a video showing what he is doing during her Multidimensional healing sessions. Until that moment I hadn’t ever heard of Multidimensional Healing at all. I was very intrigued. I have had three MD sessions all in less than two weeks. Each session is deeper and more powerful. I’m more clear on my path. Katie does amazing work. She has an amazing gift she is sharing.

Thank you so much. The session was amazing and you really shocked me with the things you said and how much I resonated with them. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and send me videos on shadow work and connecting with my spirit guides. Whenever I Feel I need some guidance, I will definitely book again. Thank you so much again it was very helpful!

I’m not sure if you remember telling me you talked to two of my spirit guides. Well, (he) contacted me and had I not known what to keep an eye out for, I would have missed it. Since my first reiki session with you, it opened my eyes to so much and all the possibilities that are out there. From the bottom of my heart and within my soul, thank you for opening my heart and mind to what I truly needed in my life. I’ve started on the self care journey with more passion and determination than ever before and delved into spirituality in another way. Shadow work has been amazing, hard, and refreshing on so many levels… You are incredible and I hope to one day take your classes when I’m able.

Oh wow, this brought tears to my eyes. I recognize the guides you are referring to… The messages and healing you provided all feel so congruent for me. I feel much more at peace and open. I can definitely feel my throat healing and I felt a lot of sacral and solar plexus release too!

Thank you so much Katie. This has been wonderful <3


“The soul vision reading I received from Katie was a spiritual gift and offering to remind me I already AM what I think I am waiting to become. The day before I was feeling so much dense energy that I knew wasn’t all my own, and with it, more questioning and pull
back of where I am in my process. What surfaced the next day was a new skin, what I sensed, and it was amplified by Katie’s reading was my own release and letting go of a last bit of historical “noise” and a deeper awareness that I am exactly what, where and who I need to be at this time. Things Katie shared relative to the elements, nature and 
how my energy felt to her are exactly who I am in my state of authenticity and full alignment. Her comment about unlimited potential has become a new affirmation and reminder to me that I continue to have everything I need, and my purpose is what I’ve
known it to be once I got clear and free from distractions and noise. Tremendously grateful for her offer.” – KB