Here you’ll find past students of Katie’s who have their own professional healing practices. If you’re looking for someone in your area, or someone with a particular expertise, perhaps you’ll discover them here!

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Healing Majesty Rain - Energy Healer, Massage Therapist



“I am a Holistic Wombman Healer. I utilize different lineages of Reiki and combine that with Multidimensional Healing, crystals, sound healing, divination, herbs and more. We are all on a path – I am here to help you remember and reveal urcellpH.”

  • She/Her
  • Located in Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • E-Mail: healingmajestyrain@gmail.com
  • Text: 612.208.7246(RAIN)



Healing Artist offering Kundalini Reiki, private & group yoga, holistic health coaching, custom ceremonies, herbal consultations & custom orders.

  • She/Her
  • Located in Maryland (DMV Area), USA
  • E-Mail: Info@kdwellness.co



“My name is Angela and I’ve been practicing Reiki for 2 years. I recently started taking clients in October of 2021 at Arcane Remedies in Greenville, SC. Tarot reading and reiki combo dates available once a month and will be announced via store website.”

  • She/Her
  • Located in Greenville, SC, USA
  • E-Mail: Attunedawakenings@gmail.com

Meghan Aro



“I’m a trauma-informed somatic coach and energy healer. I help people connect more deeply with their physical body to establish safe and loving relationship with themselves.”

  • She/They
  • Located in Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • E-Mail: Meghanaro@icloud.com



“I am a yin restorative yoga teacher who works in the field of trauma recovery and mental health by day as a school social worker. I’ve worked with young people and families for 10 years and am stepping into more expansive healing modalities in 2022. Currently, I offer online yoga classes – live and recorded, tarot readings, and custom yoga classes. I am trained in Reiki and will be fully licensed as a mental health practitioner by late 2022 to offer online telehealth services as well.”

  • She/Her
  • Located in Portland, OR, USA
  • E-Mail: unbrokencircleskl@gmail.com



“Hello! I am Harlie, a Kundalini Reiki Master, intuitive, artist, and guide. My focus is in intentional design—simply designing your life to support you. From facilitating reiki sessions, designing spaces that support you, creating energetic paintings, to guiding you to a more joyful life – we can work through so much together. I love to help people move through their life with more ease, joy, and connection to themselves. My style is grounded, humorous, gentle, and supportive. I’d love to get to know you and support you on your journey in any way that calls to you.”

  • She/Her
  • Located in the Marlton, NJ (Greater Philadelphia Area) USA
  • E-Mail: Harlie@deziandesign.com

Maureen Buttner



Maureen Buttner (she/her) is a white queer cis femme witch currently living on Munsee Lenape land also known as Jersey City, NJ. Coming from a background in Social Work & Psychology, she has worked with families, children from infants to five years old, women, and queer folks for the last decade. A student of Tarot since 2011, a student of Astrology from 2014, a labor & postpartum birthworker since 2015, a Psychic Medium since 2019, and most recently a certified Reiki Master in 2020, Maureen’s work lies in the realm of guiding folks of all sorts within their everyday & peak experiences through gentle trauma informed support and soul centered spiritual guidance. The Tarot Doula is a culmination of all Maureen’s skill sets seeking to doula folks to an empowered, intuitively connected place within themselves.

Judith Campman



Judith is an energy healer, intuition teacher, tea sommelier, and harpist in Berlin, Germany. 

  • She/Her
  • Located in Berlin, Germany
  • E-Mail: judithcampman@live.nl



Jackie is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive/Energetic Coach. Through the use of hypnotherapy, Reiki, and energy clearing techniques, she guides people to their own inner resources to achieve their goals and assist them on their healing journey.