“HEALER – Part 2” – Group Energetic Attunement Online Event

This frequency is about sitting in the bigness of your energy.
It is about being so firmly anchored and secure within yourself that the fear of being rejected or ostracized or judged doesn’t hold a charge.
It’s about being so rooted and clear in your channel that you have the clarity and strength to speak truth and create without fear.
This is an energetic attunement. An energetic upgrade.
And a deep transmission. Deep teaching.
And each person will feel the frequency of this attunement in a different way, depending on where they are at on their journey.
This is for those who hold onto fear around a “witch wound.”
For those with people pleaser wounds.
For those who tend to suppress their inner knowing and their gifts because they fear judgement, rejection, or failure.
Do you feel the call? To step into something greater? To put in the work to move through fear?

We meet Wednesday June 12th, 2024 at 6:30pm EST.

More Info:

This is a continuation of the frequency of our first event back in February. Once again, the frequency I am channeling, the transmission I will be giving, the date, the time, all of it, has been brought through with my intuition. This is a gift from source for my healers and for those who struggle to embrace their power and full potential.

If the description of this frequency calls to you, this is for you, and I hope you’ll join us. I trust your inner knowing deeply around this.

This online event will be held over Zoom on Wednesday May 15th, 2024 at 6:30pm ET. The event will be limited to 15 people. There will be a recording, but I HIGHLY encourage you to plan to attend live if at all possible. 

There will be a teaching/transmission to start, a guided journey/meditation with supportive energy work, a group energetic attunement to this particular frequency of energy (which you can then call on at any time in the future,) and some time spent digesting together after the attunement transfer. Plan for this to take approx. 90+ minutes (I don’t think this will go any longer than two hours max, but I am not planning a specific itinerary or time-slot for this other than the start time, in order to allow this to flow intuitively.)


Create a comfortable space for yourself to deeply relax during our ritual. This might be in bed, on the couch, outdoors, on the floor, etc. I encourage you to bring into your space lots of soft comforting objects (blankets, pillows, etc.) If you feel called, set up an altar or sacred space for yourself. I trust in the wisdom of your intuition – listen to it. Ask yourself how you need to prepare for this (if at all). If you like, you may wish to have tea or a drink with you (definitely bring water).

I also recommend setting aside the evening for this, so you do not have any plans that might interfere and you can indulge fully. See if you are able to forego any/all responsibilities for the evening and create a quiet, serene space for yourself where you will not be interrupted.

Things to Note:

HEALER Part 2 will be recorded and you will receive an e-mail after the event with a Google Drive link to watch the replay. This will allow you to follow along with the guided journey and attunement whenever you please. No cancellations or refunds. You are encouraged to have your camera on so we can all connect to each others energy and commune together.

You do not have to have attended the first HEALER event to attend this one. If it feels right to join, I trust that. However, if you did not attend and would like to purchase the first recording prior to attending this event, you may for $35. Please e-mail me if this applies to you.


Wednesday June 12th, 2024, 6:30pm ET 


Price for Attending HEALER: Part 2 – Sliding Scale $35-50

This is a need-based honor system sliding scale. If you can afford more, you can pay on the higher end. If you cannot, please pay on the lower end. If you have the means to pay more, it helps provide services for those who cannot afford as much. In this way we are able to comfortably exchange energy with one another and provide community support in a way that a set price doesn’t always allow for. Your payment can be made by clicking either of the buttons below.
When paying, please leave your most checked e-mail address and a note about what you are registering for. You will then receive an e-mail link to the Zoom event.

Pay Via Venmo

Pay via PayPal


Please pay at the links above (Venmo is @KatieEmmitt). You MUST provide your preferred e-mail address and a note about what you are registering for in the notes section of your payment, or send a separate e-mail to katiemmitt@gmail.com.

Once I have your payment and e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to our Zoom call. On the day and time of the call, you will navigate to the e-mail you received, click on the link, and open the call in Zoom. Zoom can be downloaded as an app, or used in your browser.

Please e-mail me (katiemmitt@gmail.com) or DM me on Instagram if you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries about HEALER.

“HEALER – Part 2” – Group Energetic Attunement Online Event