Elemental Healing for Energy Workers with Katie Emmitt

In this 4-week live course you will develop your own unique connection to the Elements and the way that you see, feel, and work with them in your energetic practices. Learn to utilize them for protection, transmutation, purification, embodiment, and more.

Each Week will Include:

  • Creating an Altar for the Element of that Week
  • A Guided Meditation Journey
  • A Guided Self Frequency Attunement to the Element of that Week
  • Journaling & Self Reflection
  • Group Discussion & Share
  • Seminar on How to Utilize that Element in your Energy Work Energetically & Physically – Transmutation, Cleansing/Purification, Protection, Embodiment, Daily Practices
  • Homework and Suggested Further Exploration


  • Week 1: Earth 1/16/23 6pm ET 
  • Week 2: Air 1/23/23 6pm ET
  • Week 1: Fire 1/30/23 6pm ET
  • Week 1: Water 2/6/23 6pm ET
    *Class time is tentative/subject to change slightly based on time zones and schedules of students and everyone’s needs. This will be discussed upon registration!

More Details:

Each class will take place live over Zoom and will last approximately 60-75 minutes. There may be weeks where we end a little early, or weeks where we run over slightly depending on discussion and practice. 

Each class will be recorded, and e-mailed the following day. If you can’t attend a class, you are welcome to watch the replay.

Each week, you will also receive a PDF with suggested practices for homework, self reflection prompts, and a brief recap.

I highly suggest getting a notebook for class – we will be doing some self reflection and writing each week and you may also wish to take notes or write down your experiences for future reflection.

You will not receive any kind of certification for this course. This is more about providing you with tools and new ways of working, as well as guiding you into deeper relationship with the four elements of matter. I would consider it very complimentary to any energy work practice.

Who is this Class for Ideally? Are There Prereqs?

This course is open to people who fall into any of the following categories:

-Energy Healers who would like to deepen their connection to Earth, Air, Fire & Water energy.

-People who have taken level 1 of any lineage of energy healing and have had solid time to integrate, practice, and develop their connection to working with energy.

-People who have taken level 2, 3, or the Master level of any lineage of energy healing.

-People with their own spiritual and energy work practice who are at least semi-familiar with working with energy, transmuting energy, utilizing energetic protection, purification, healing rituals, etc.

Ultimately if you are interested but unsure about if this is for you, send me an email or DM explaining where you’re at in your practice and I’ll be happy to guide you froward!

For Individual 1:1 Training:

If none of the upcoming group dates work for you, are sold out, or you prefer to do the course over a weekend or learn better in a 1:1 environment – please reach out! You will receive the same exact training but on a 1:1 basis. A 1:1 training is preferable for folks with a busy schedule, or who want to work at their own pace.

The cost for individual Training is $244– payment plans are available too. Please e-mail me at if interested in taking this course 1:1.


EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER: Elemental Healing for Energy Workers Dates

  • Dates 1/16/23 – 2/6/23 Monday evenings, ET.
    Exchange: $144
    10 Spaces Left


Send your payment of $144 with PayPal or Venmo using the buttons below. In the notes section, you MUST leave your most actively checked e-mail address and the date of the class you are registering for. Once I receive payment, I will be e-mailing you additional information and your class zoom links. You will also receive class recordings and PDFs to this e-mail address!


Pay with Venmo

If you are in need of a payment plan, please e-mail me directly at to notify me and work out a payment schedule that works for you. Payment must be completed before the last class of the course.


Soon I will be taking registrations & payment directly on this website! Stay Tuned. Please e-mail me if you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries about the online Elemental Healing for Energy Workers course.


Is this a Certification Course?

This is not a certification course – you will not receive any kind of certificate for this training.

I am beginning the process of stepping away from offering certification courses. I believe many people seek out certifications to “legitimize” them instead of seeking out teachers, mentors, and guides who can provide them with much more knowledge and wisdom that they can then integrate into their practice.

In my mind, a good & wise mentor, good solid information, and time to integrate & have new experiences are the greatest teachers you will find. Do not place your value as a healer on how many paper and PDF certifications you can amass. I am very much in favor of divesting from the “certification culture” a lot of healers are sucked into.

That being said, I would classify this course as being complimentary to any previous energy healing trainings or experiences that you have. You will learn new tools and deepen your connection to the elements. This is beneficial for people who work with others, just like to practice on themselves, or enjoy learning how to work with energy for their own personal spiritual practices.

What is Zoom? Do I Need to Download Anything?

Zoom is a website/software that hosts video meetings, conference calls, webinars, and chats. You do not need to download anything. I will simply send a URL link to you via e-mail, and when you click on the link, the video call will open in your browser. You can learn more about zoom at